Add A Sense Of Down Home Flair With Country Valances For Windows

Adding the proper style and color coordinated valances to windows can be the final touch that adds closure to your window-covering quest. Country valances for windows in the kitchen or other heavily trafficked areas in the house add that finishing touch that can complement almost any furnishing style. Generations ago, the idea of hanging a strip of material to conceal the inside of a home was common practice in order to use up leftover fabric. These days manufactures and designers use them to add a sense of appeal that stretches an ordinary window treatment into one that flows.

The melting pot of the rural home is the kitchen, and country kitchen valances are a matter of style and interest. The window curtain toppers decorate many a country window, while adding flair and depth. Though valances fall short of being considered curtains, their use is so common, denying their presence would create a loss of credibility. Popular are the embroidered images of chickens, apples, and cows. The country valance adds depth to any window by camouflaging the curtain rods and completes the ensemble that seems to merge effortlessly. Valances can add bright colors or subtle shades that are sure to be a delight.

country window valances

There is an expansive variety of colors and patterns that make up the valance, yet their styles are not all about straight lines. The valance can be found in graceful lace panels that add dimension to any window, or in tier panels that flow along the upper borders of drape panels, along with tiebacks and occasional bows of contrasting colors. Valances can also be adorned with wide ruffles and lace trim to add to the fullness of the design.

Crossing into the bathroom, country valances perform a double duty by adding to the color scheme and theme. Easily match colors to linens, shower curtains or simply use them to embellish diminutive frosted windows. You can even change them out as you switch colors in your bathroom.

To dress up the dining or living area, rich and luxurious material such as velvets or delicate silks in solid shades, will display harmony over long drape panels that lightly sweep the floor. The balloon valance is yet another style of window treatment, and its name is derived from its puffy or ballooned appearance. One of most common curtains for the country style bedroom is the swag valance. Shorter in the middle and tapering on the sides, this style softens the window casement yet allows light to enter the room. Country valances for windows add warmth and a sense of coziness.

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