How Do You Make Lined Valances?

What is a lined valance? Basically, it’s a valance with a lining. That’s it. Why are they lined? Several reasons, actually. One is to prevent the window valances from sticking to any lined drapes they may be used with. Another reason is to make the window treatments look fuller and less one dimensional. Often times the lining is made from the same material as the original fabric so that the valances can be seen from outside looking in. And third, a lining can be used to help block light. Not so much in the case of sheer materials, but with heavier fabrics, the idea is to eliminate as much light as possible.

So, how to add lining to a valance. I’ve created a small tutorial involving the whole process, including making the valances, which should provide easy DIY guidelines for you to follow. These are easy sew window treatments and can be done in an afternoon. It depends on how you want them to appear as to what kind of material you should use. These instructions can be used for any material.

First let’s assemble your supplies. You’ll need your fabric, of course. Get Yardstick Taylor’s chalk to draw your lines. If you are hanging rods, you’ll need the materials for that, including the tools to hang them. For handling the material, you’ll need some straight pins, scissors, measuring tape, thread that matches and, to make it easy on yourself, a sewing machine and possibly an iron.

1. Start out by measuring your curtain rod. You want at least double the amount of material as the rod is long. This is so that your valances have some play in them and won’t be taut.
2. Once you have those measurements, measure about 25 inches down from the top of the curtain rod. This will be how long the valances will hang along the window.
3. If you already have your valances and just need to attach linings, use the measurements of those instead.
4. Cut the panels to the measurements you have. Also go ahead and cut the material you chose for your lined valances.
5. Once this is done, lay the front of the valance material face down and pin the lining material to the back.
6. Sew about one quarter to half an inch of seam along the sides of the material. Include the lining in this. Press the seams with the iron.
7. At the bottom of the material of both the valance and the lining you want to fold and iron a hem about an inch wide. After that repeat with a two inch hem. Sew the hem.
8. For the top, you have to leave room for the rod, so we’ll do the same as we did along the bottom and start with a one inch hem, folded and pressed. Do this again but make it at least two and a half inches wide. This creates a rod pocket. Sew the hem on the rod pocket.
9. To create a ruffled top to your lined valances, you can sew an inch wide top stitch above the rod pocket. Otherwise leave alone.

Now, hang your newly lined window valances. Viola, you’re done!

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