Scarf Valance Ideas – Easy To Find, Easier To Hang

Scarf valance ideas can be found in magazines, online and even when shopping at a local retail department store. Great ideas can be had by walking through and viewing the many displays department stores have on hand. Browsing online is very quick and easy as well and literally hundreds of styles of window valances may be seen in a matter of only a few minutes.

In many interior design magazines where the focus of an article is scarf valances, ideas can be seen almost on every page. Take a little time and do some window shopping. Large windows require just that right treatment and homeowners know what they like when they see it. Trust in yourself and select a color and pattern that speaks to you. Window scarf valances are so versatile, ranging from very elegant designs involving multiple swags of material in varying lengths and colors, to simple designs incorporating only one piece of material, hung in such a way as to achieve a very minimalistic appearance, every room’s style and personality can be matched perfectly.

Scarves can be unique and may include fringe, detailed scrollwork and lace or luxurious embroidered silks and satins. Window scarf ideas can be geared towards a young ladies room, using fun and trendy colors and patterns or sophisticated enough for a formal living area. It all depends on what materials are used in fabric choice and how the materials are hung. To accomplish an airy and scarf valance treatment, sheer and light colored fabrics should be used. A very spa like feeling can be achieved by mixing whites, light blues or any pastel color, which lends itself nicely to help create a relaxing Mediterranean look and feel.

A more elegant look that is seen often in interior design is to offset the length of the material where it hangs more dramatically on one side of the window. Be sure to leave some fabric to drape nicely about half way down the opposite side. To create the swags, let the fabric fall easily around the pole just about a quarter drop and then pull up and over the pole again. This process can repeated as necessary to create as many swags as desired. Ornate swag holders or tie backs may be used to hold the material as well. Multiple swags are ideal for those very large windows, such as a bay window.

Homeowners should not let the size of any window deter them from attempting to decorate it themselves. Bay window scarf ideas will be as easy to find, as the window will be to decorate. Start with a decorative pole or swag holder most of which are available in brass, gold, and silver and even in ornate wood finishes and designs. Consumers can customize each treatment with beautiful and stylish finials that are placed at each end of the decorative poles. Try layering the scarves for a more distinctive look and letting the fabric pool onto the floor is also a nice casual trend that has been very popular in the last decade.

Scarf valance ideas can be found everywhere in the design industry, television, magazines and over the internet. Be sure to measure each window carefully for length and height to ensure the proper amount of material will be purchased; in general, two times the length should be adequate enough to create swags and still leave enough material to frame the window. When the window is finished, nothing will be nicer than sitting back and enjoying the view of your own custom window treatment.

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