Here Are Some Great Tips For Scarf Valance Ideas

Great scarf valance ideas can be found in both printed materials and online. Home decorating magazines often provide plenty of ideas in how to place these window treatments. You will also find plenty of suggestions in online catalogs and home decorating sites. Looking on the internet is a fast way to get hundreds of ideas in style and decor options with less time and effort.

Some home decorating magazines will show scarf valances used in various ways, throughout the entire publication. It pays to consider how you want the window to look before buying window treatments. Large windows can be challenging, in that they will look better with just the right window treatment design. Choose the colors and patterns you think will look good or that stand out as the strongest possibilities. There are so many choices in window scarf ideas, ranging from sheer, simple colors, to elaborate patterns or textures on heavier fabrics. You can use a single swag for a sheik, yet simple look or multiple pieces, for a more elaborate appearance over the window.

These window treatments can come with some very interesting details, like beads, fringe, satin finishes and lace patterns. They can also be found in some more exotic or feminine fabrics like silk. They can be used in many rooms of the home. A young lady may prefer a combination of trendy colors that are vibrant and cheerful. A living room may look best with more mature colors that are subdued and flow very nicely around the window frame. Whites and pastels are ideal for creating a spa type feel to the space. Fabrics with more weight and color can be coordinated with the style of furniture that exists, particularly in the sofa and chairs.

One look that is very elegant is hang the material so one side of the swag hangs down farther on the window than the other, nearly touching the floor. Another look that is very dramatic is to do the same thing with pieces of two different colors. They will cross each other in the middle and each color will dominate a different side of the window frame. There are many ways to drape the swag of material across the curtain rod. You can let some fabric drop and then wrap the material around the pole again, to create a scalloped appearance. This can be done one or several times across the pole, depending on personal preferences. For a rich look, swag holders may also be used to help keep the fabric in place.

A large window should not intimidate a decorator, when it comes to window treatments. A scarf for the bay window is readily found in many stores. The first step is to find the most appropriate or desirable pole. They come in many different finishes, including gold, silver, brass, wood or black, to coordinate with the room’s interior and the window dressing selected. Some poles can even have decorative ends or finials added, to enhance the look. With the longer scarves used over a large window, they can be draped to let the fabric flow to the floor. Bay window scarf ideas include using multiple layers, to draw attention to the window and make it a focal point.

There are many places to find window scarf ideas, in stores, in printed advertisements and online. The main feature to keep in mind is the size of the window. It should be measured for length and height, so the most appropriate product can be purchased. A piece that is at least double the length of the window will allow for attractive draping of the fabric and for adding a few swags, if desired. The finished look should be one that the decorator can enjoy looking at over and over.

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