What Is A Valance For Windows?

A valance for windows is a sort of raised window treatment that extends away from the wall and wraps around the upper portion of the window. It can be made of cloth, wood, metal, or any other material that you choose. Valances for windows give your room a better sense of style and can contribute to the theme; they can also be used to hide unsightly bits of trim around the windows or the hardware that holds the window blinds in place. These are not standard on all homes but can be found in quite a few of them and have enjoyed a large degree of popularity for some time.

Valances for wide windows can be a bit harder to make and fit into place due to the extended area that they need to cover. The more distance the valance has to reach, the harder it is for one person to put it up. Two people, however, should have no trouble. The only problem then is that the valances for window areas that are wide tend to be heavier than those for areas that are small. Therefore, you will need to do a very good job securing them to the wall so that they do not break away and fall to the floor.

By using valances for windows childrens room areas can become more festive and can keep closer to the theme that the children love. Some parents use these to display certain colors or things that the children are interested in — the logos for their favorite sports teams, for example. These serve a double purpose in children’s rooms, however, since they offer a bit of protection for the wall, the hardware for the curtains and the blinds, and the upper part of the window. Children may like to throw balls or toys when they play and valances can help keep the room intact through it all.

The most important function of a valance for windows, though, is simply to hide the hardware holding up the blinds and the roller if the blinds are of the style that can roll up into a box when the string is pulled. These can be unsightly and detract from the look of the room, but a valance can draw the eye away from these areas. It can help the room to blend together and have one consistent theme that is solid and unbroken.

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